We don't make these up, we just report them...

Murfreesboro, TN police report a 49-year-old man walked into a bar last Friday night, and was arrested after he allegedly began to attempt to have relations with an ATM.

Lonnie Hutton was arrested after officers were called to the The Boro Bar and Grill.   Hutton reportedly walked up to the machine, dropped his pants, exposed himself, then began to attempt to "have intercourse with the machine."

After police arrived he was taken outside and ordered to sit at a wooden picnic table while officers processed his license and information, but he then attempted the same stunt with the table!

Witnesses said he had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and appeared to be severely impaired. He also smelled of booze.   He has a court appearance July 1st after being booked then released on $250 bond.

He was actually NOT charged for exposing himself, but for public drunkenness!


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