Luis Espinoza, a Richland High School senior, takes a unique approach in what he uses to complete most of his artwork. Instead of using paints, charcoal or even regular graphite pencils, Espinoza expresses his detailed drawings with the use of color pencils.

“I have been doing art ever since I was really young,” he said. “I probably started around the age of five, ever since I saw colored pencils.”

Espinoza said he has always had a passion for art, being that he was always drawing.

Now, he said he takes to colored pencils to complete his drawings and paintings because they allow him to get the most detail in his work.

His process of creating a piece of artwork is simple, usually starting with a number two pencil to sketch an outline of what he is trying to create. Espinoza said he follows this by adding some color with colored pencils and after might add some paint.

Espinoza said he has taken art every year since his freshman year, completing classes such as Art 1 and 2 and Advanced Art at Richland High School.

He said he hasn’t entered any competitions as of yet, but is planning on entering some this year.

Espinoza’s most recent work includes a large painting with the subject of King Kong, resembling an old-style movies poster. His passion for his use of color is evident, even as the work is only partially complete.

When asked what he likes to typically portray in his drawings and paintings, he said that he loves to draw anything that looks cool.

“I love to draw with a lot detail and with a lot of color,” he said.

As for his future plans after high school, Espinoza said he wants to attend college and major in fine art, hopefully setting the standard for a long career as an artist.

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