The Reach Museum in Richland has some walking trails, and apparently, some folks have been doing something against nature during their outings. Then I saw a news story about it.  It was about stacking rocks. Let me rephrase that. It was about the dangers of stacking rocks. I'm not talking about stacking giant rocks that could fall and kill you, just little stones that fit in the palm of your hand. What could possibly be the dangers of stacking rocks? Well, sit back read on and learn the lesson of how you could break the universe by stacking rocks.

When you move a rock it disturbs the soil for burrowing animals. Yes I know, that doesn't really make any sense.

There are nutrients on the rocks in the form of little mosses. If you stack the rocks the animals that feed on it will die or it kills the moss. Doesn't make too much sense either,  but okay let's continue.

They also don't want you to stack rocks for the obvious danger of it crushing a family to death. They didn't it that way, but there is a serious danger warning here. Most rocks stacks I've ever seen are about a foot to a foot and a half high. But don't stack rocks. There is grave danger. Ridiculous.

This is kind of what America has come to. Ridiculous exaggeration about every damn thing. Why not just say, please don't stack the rocks along our hiking trails because we want to keep it natural. There. Now how hard was that?

"Stacking rocks disturbs the soil for burrowing animals". Ridiculous. Completely ridiculous. I'll be stacking some this weekend (probably in the middle of the night).


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