They say that laying a double yolked egg is one in one thousand odds, so what would a hen that lays five eggs with double yolks? I am not really sure, but I have found one! My chickens started laying their first batches of eggs this summer and everything was going as planned. They all seemed to be doing well and laying perfectly on schedule. It wasn't until they had been laying consistently for about a month I noticed something was different. One of the hens seemed to be laying larger eggs than the rest and by larger I mean quite a bit larger.

At one point I collected ten eggs and out of those ten eggs two of them were extremely larger than the rest and I remember thinking "you poor girl!" I separated the larger of the eggs and set them aside. It wasn't until I went to make an omelette that I realized I had a twin laying hen! It is pretty cool to crack one egg and discover twins but it was very interesting to crack all five of them and discover all five were twins!

Needless to say, not only did I discover a cool hen that laid twins every time she laid but having a five egg omelette, made out of all twin eggs was so rich and delicious! As she has grown she seems to be laying less and less twin eggs and I learned that young Moms will lay twins more often than an older laying hen. All the same it was a cool experience as a fairly new chicken mama.


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