It was a big time around the kitchen table a couple of days before Easter. Cartons of hard boiled eggs, and several coffee cups filled colored water, and the smell of vinegar in the air. Each of us kids had our own wax marker and the rounded wire that you used to dip the eggs into the magic potion. We would write our names on some of them, or a drawing, or just squiggly lines it really didn't matter. Some times you would get tricky and dip half the egg in one color, and turn it over and dip the other end in a different color. Yea baby two tone egg, very special. One time I believe I wrote something like poop on an egg and didn't show anyone, so when it came time to hunt the eggs, one of my cousins found it. I thought that was the funniest things ever, I really haven't changed much over the years have I. I missed the big egg coloring with my grand kids, but I'll have the great pleasure of hiding eggs this Sunday, and reliving those wonderful, innocent days gone by. Have a happy Easter Everyone.


What was more fun, coloring the eggs or hunting for them?

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