I love Wildlife cameras. You know how sometimes you open up the camera app on your Ring doorbell just to see what the neighbors across the street are doing? It's kind of like that except with wildlife LOL. I mean, I spent way too much of my life watching that mama giraffe get ready to give birth! And since I think trout are the coolest fish on the planet, I'm sure I will spend more than my share of time watching this camera now that I've found it. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has given a grant to Watchable Wildlife. It's a live video stream from the Hood Canal Steelhead Project. I had no idea that Hood Canal steelhead were on the brink of extinction. This live video feed is from one of the steelhead rearing ponds at a conservation hatchery on Hood Canal. They say the best time to watch is around feeding time at 11 a.m. Sometimes on the live feed, there won't be any fish because they will be on the other side of the pond. But I think it will be a pretty cool thing to bookmark in your browser and check on from time to time. In the links included below you can also watch live camera highlights and a steelhead release. Watch the live feed HERE. Below is the post from the WDFW with all the links included, and a very cool fish cam highlight video.


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