A 20 MPH wind snapped a light pole at this year's Christ The King Sausage Fest, sending two people to the hospital.

The Sausage Festival draws thousands of people over a 2 day event and this morning strong winds snapped a rope and then managed to down a concrete light pole holding the Festival's iconic parachute. Festival officials took to their Facebook page to describe the accident.

We have had a frightening accident at Sausage Fest. The wind snapped a rope on our iconic parachute and caused it to fill with air, acting as a sail. It managed to pull down the light pole holding the center of the parachute in the midst of the upper parking lot. Two people were injured and transported to the hospital. We understand their injuries are not severe and both people were conscious following the accident. We are praying as a community for their speedy recovery. Crews are cleaning up and we will continue to welcome the community throughout the day.

Luckily the injuries weren't severe but what a scary ordeal for families, students, staff and Festival attendees.

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