A new traffic revision in Pasco on "A" Street could turn into a headache for motorists. 

I left the radio station yesterday and headed east down "A' Street and normally at the intersection of 20th and A, there is a free left turn for traffic traveling southbound.

I saw the big signs of traffic revision and all the new flags and stop signs but a lot of drivers were oblivious to the change!

I saw two trucks take the free left turn right into traffic unaware of the revision even though it all over the intersection. One of the trucks even had logos with a current business on its side paneling.

It was only lacking the call 1-800 number on how was their driving.

Luckily, everyone else stopped at the 4-way stop saw the trucks, and waited but that intersection is now just waiting for an accident to happen. I waited until it was safe to move out into traffic but if you come across this intersection, be aware of the changes.

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It's summertime and I know that a lot of people are thinking of other things when driving and it's easy to go on autopilot but this new traffic revision will be one that could take you off-guard if you aren't paying attention. I saw it first-hand yesterday with several vehicles running the stop sign - just a heads up that the intersection of "A" Street and 20th Avenue in Pasco. It could give you a headache if you aren't aware of the change.

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