Lewis Brice's newest single is a romantic mood-setter that he's releasing in advance of Valentine's Day. The modern country singer-songwriter shares a message that many men will relate to in "Call Me Yours," which premieres exclusively via Taste of Country.

Set to a mid-tempo, progressive pop-country track, "Call Me Yours" is a lyrical confession of a man's past romantic transgressions, wedded to a chorus in which he reveals that he's changed thanks to the love of a good woman.

"When you called me yours, everything changed / Rolled off your lips and I'll never be the same / Ain't no way I could ever go back / When you go and say a thing like that / Ain't that man anymore / Thought I'd heard it all before / Then you call me yours, yours, yours / Then you call me yours, yours, yours," he sings in the chorus.

Though Brice imbues the song with an interpretation that feels deeply personal, he did not write it.

“I may not have been the writer of this song, but I felt like it was the perfect continuation of a love story that came to life with some of my other singles, “It’s You” and “That’s a Given,'" he says. "My buddies Rob Hatch, Ben Simonetti and Adam James wrote it on a writers retreat we were all on, and I just fell in love with it and am so stoked to release it right in time for Valentine’s Day!”

Brice's self-titled debut EP, which he co-produced with his brother, country hitmaker Lee Brice, met with significant success and critical buzz in 2017.

The singer-songwriter recently signed a new publishing deal that's part of a partnership between Pump House Music and Double Down Music, and he's been hard at work on new songs for a new album he plans to release in August. "Call Me Yours" is the second single from that forthcoming project, the details of which are to be announced.

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