As you're planning out your summer vacations, one place you need to check out is this very cool campsite in Washington that has rave reviews.

One of the things I like about my wife is that she really likes to camp. Her idea of camping isn't clamping because she's got no problem pitching a tent and roughing it.

Where Are The Best Tent Sites In Washington State

I came across an amazing website that features tent-only sites. I didn't realize that this kind of website existed but once I discovered this website, I dove in head-first.

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The Hip Camp app and website allow private landowners to list their campsites and you can think of it as the Airbnb of campsites.

What's The Number One Rated Tent Site In Washington State?

The Hip Camp features several sites across the country and one of the coolest finds is that I found a campground that's highly rated in Washington State on the app. It's so popular that this Washington campsite is rated #2 of the best campsites to check out in 2022.

We've compiled a gallery to check out this amazing campground.

Here are details from the Hip Camp app:

Do you feel closest to God in nature? Do you need to connect to Mother Earth? Old-growth, creeks, farm (pigs, chickens, and goats) peace, serenity, fairies, elementals, bald eagles, owls, deer, coyotes- Nature Camp is a magical experience that immerses you in nature in all its wonder. It is a beautiful forest garden with lots of wildlife and lush edible plants. If you've been feeling like you need to get away, leave your electronics and your chaotic, busy lives behind, Mother Nature is calling you. 9 acres of trails and a majestic forest garden is waiting for you to explore. Cool off in the summer at our swimming hole. Meditate, connect to the Earth, and find peace in our many offered secluded spots. Nature Camp specializes in small groups, couples, and families that are seeking a wholesome family-friendly genuine Pacific NW experience.

Take a peek at this awesome property

Voted Best Washington State Hipcamp Tent Site To Visit In 2022

I discovered a new app called Hip Camp and discovered this amazing Washington tent site near Battleground, Washington and it's rated one of the best tent sites in the country for 2022

Nature Camp is located near Battle Ground Washington. The site has been voted one of the best tent sites in the country and it's worth checking out. You can skip the clamping and really go native at this campsite.

Nature Camp Is One Of Washington State's Highest Rated Camp Sites.

Nature Camp does feature a pretty dope modified outhouse so you do have some of the comforts of home at the site.

You can check out more details about Nature Camp here.

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