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Seems like overnight IPA's took over the beer world! Ok, ok, possibly not OVERNIGHT, but they have become so popular in the past ten years, other beers pale in comparison! So it got me to thinking, where exactly did the IPA originate from? Even though they really only became popular within the last decade or so, the Indian Pale Ale (IPA) has been around since the 1800's! The IPA was invented during the Indian war by the George Hodgson's Bow Brewery. Long story short, the beer being shipped to the British Indian Army was going bad too quickly so they increased alcohol content of the “IPA” and prevented it from spoiling before the soldiers could drink it! For the full, detailed story you can read it HERE.

Local brewers have been busy creating and concocting the latest and greatest IPA's to keep up with the high demand of this crafty, fragrant brew! Because I am NOT a fan of the IPA, I asked Facebook who has the best local IPA on tap in the Tri-cities and the surrounding area and I was flooded with favorites!

Being a bartender, I do know what is popular at the Palm Bar & Grill in Benton City but I was curious what would be the popular vote throughout. Two breweries really stood out! Bombing Range Brewing Company and White Bluffs Brewing had the most popular IPA's with the "Mike Drop" and "Days Pay" from BRBC and the "NOG" (Nectar of the Gods) from White Bluffs Brewing. So many mentions however, so if you are a fan of the Indian Pale Ale here are a few of the favorites you should probably go check out! The Neon Icon from Valley Brewing Co in Yakima, Range Finder from BRBC, Fresh squeezed from Deschutes Brewery, The Ice Harbor IPA from Ice Harbor Brewery and the Block 40 from Ten Pin Brewing Company. What is YOUR favorite? We would love to hear from you!






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