On the front page of the Tri-City Hearld today, it says Ki-Be school district will have to lay off 10 teachers before next year. How come?

Why is it when it comes to our kids, we have to pass a bond to raise taxes so the kids will have a decent school to attend? The state has to retroactively cut 250,00 dollars from  the Ki-Be budget so it can balance it's ledger. 10 people will lose their jobs, and countless kids will suffer from lack of teachers. Ki-Be is not the only school district that faces this crisis. How about politicians take a cue from Brad Klippert and give back some of the money. We have a great country, but why is it we have billions of dollars to help out countrys that have suffered from some natural diaster, but we can't give teachers a decent wage and job security. Same goes for police and firefighters. Music stars and movie stars don't have a problem with dropping everything, and hosting a charity event to save trees in the Amazon, how about something for our kids. I guess you don't get good press for helping our own. Hats off toWillie Nelson and the gang for Farm Aid. Dear Mr.Obama, over a billion dollars to bomb Libya, that money would sure go along way to help out with the education of our young people right here in the United States. Maybe with the proper education we can teach our kids about the past, and not make the same mistakes in the future. I don't usually ramble, but I'm just a little upset about this whole mess.

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