Since my Dad retired, besides sleeping in, he loves to fish. He bought a new boat last year so now that gets him off the bank of the river when it's nice out. We did however fish from the bank this winter for fresh water ling cod, at night when it was about 12  degrees, with a 10 mile an hour wind out of the north. If it wasn't for the fire I might have been sitting in the truck all night. I must say, fishing stories are the best, you know the one that got away. Number one, if it get;s away, it can be as big as you like, 10,20 pounds, who's going to know. Plus, if you notice the fish that got away last year, put's on pounds as the years go by. My uncle told me one time he had caught a huge fish. I asked him how big it was, he said "The picture alone weighed 4 pounds". If you're retired and don't know what to do with yourself, call my dad he could always use someone to bs with, and tell fish stories.