The Kennewick School District released information, and sent it out to parents and families in the District over the last week.

The information released included the following updates:

",,Our goal for the fall is to maximize the amount of face-to-face, in-person instruction for students, to the extent safely possible. In order to bring students back to schools for face-to-face instruction, we need to meet Washington State Department of Health (DOH) health and safety requirements. One non-negotiable DOH requirement is that students be placed at least six feet apart in classrooms.

We are currently completing a facility assessment to determine the maximum number/percent of a school building’s student population that could be on site at one time and meet the six-foot distancing requirement. Once we have our facility assessment completed, we will be developing different scenarios to share with the Kennewick School District Board of Directors and with families. Please look for more information and opportunities for feedback during the week of July 20."

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