The WSP trooper was responding to a different call, but that all changed when a Kennewick driver decided to not pull over, but pull away.

A 30-year old Kennewick man is in Washington State Patrol custody after allegedly leading a trooper on a 30 mile chase along I-90 near Thorp, just west of Ellensburg, with speeds reaching between 90 and 120 mph late Thursday afternoon.

The man eventually lost control of his 2007 Mercedes sedan and crashed. The driver was transported to the hospital and checked out before being taken to jail and booked into custody, a 22-year old passenger in the Mercedes was not injured.

The chase began around 3:30 p.m. as a WSP trooper was responding to a report of a vehicle fire along the highway. When Trooper John Bryant came upon the Mercedes, instead of yielding to the flashing lights and blaring sirens of the WSP vehicle, the Mercedes sped up, gassing it to 118 mph. There was no way for the driver to know he wasn't the one being sought, paranoia while allegedly under the influence can be like that, but oy, woulda, coulda, shoulda just pulled to the side and the let the po-po fly by, but no, a Tri-City guy would not be having any of that.

Kennewick's Correy Tallman, 30, reportedly led the WSP trooper on a scamper that lasted about 30 miles before a crash near Easton. Tallman lost control of his vehicle just west of Easton, spun out and struck a guardrail. The WSP then closed all westbound lanes as they arrested Tallman. Tallman was taken to the hospital for medical clearance before being booked into jail. A 22-year-old passenger in the Mercedes, name and gender not disclosed, was uninjured. Tallman was booked for felony eluding, driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license.

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