Finally, we get some nice relief from the heat this weekend! It sucks that it'll be windy as we make the transition, but I'll take that over the 105-degree day we had on Wednesday, that's for sure! So here's a question: Are you tired of cooling the entire house when you're only using one room at a time?

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With triple-digit temps returning to the Mid-Columbia (you know it won't be long), maybe you'd like to drop the A/C bill down a bit and try this DIY personal air conditioner. The funny thing is, I had a glass of Diet Dr. Pepper filled with ice the other day while I was in the garage. I also had a personal fan running to circulate some air. When I set my icy cold glass of pop behind the fan, I could feel it blowing cooler. That's the whole idea here, but with a longer-lasting effect and cooler air than my ice-filled glass, for sure.

I thought I share this with you as we get into a cooler weekend, so you're not scrambling to get what you need to make this at the last moment.



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