Monday, a man out boating perhaps owes much of his safety to a quick thinking jet skier who saw his boat catch fire.

Benton County Deputies say Kendall Nida was out in the early evening on the Columbia River near Richland, when he began to experience engine problems. As he attempted to restart his boat, the engine exploded. (picture of boat just after engine exploded).

As flames ran over the rest of the boat, a nearby jet skier sped over and began to whip back and forth, dousing the boat with his rooster rail. This enabled Mr. Nida to get off the boat safely. He was pulled to shore and taken to a nearby hospital for precautionary purposes.

Deputies say most of the flames were put out by the jet skier, the rest were doused by a Richland Fire truck throwing water from the shore. They also pushed the drifting boat away from dry brush and trees along the shoreline.

The boat stayed afloat and was towed to shore by the Sheriffs Department Patrol unit.

A big thanks to the jet skier, whose name was not given, who helped save the driver and the boat from completely burning to the waterline.

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