Pasco Police are on the hunt for a thief that stole a donation jar of money meant to help buy lunches for kids in the Pasco Parks and Rec program.

Pasco Police posted this little nugget about the perpetrator: If you can identify him, contact the Pasco Police Department immediately!

NOCTURNAL FILCHER SPOTTED: Officer Jeremy Jones was called to 7-11, 14th/ Sylvester on Thursday to verify a reported sighting of a common Nocturnal Filcher sighted at about 3 AM in its drab plumage. Ornithologists and graveyard clerks report that the Nocturnal Filcher in this case displayed scavenging behavior, waiting for the clerk to be distracted, allowing the Filcher an opportunity to grasp the Donation Box from the counter and flit out the front door into darkness.

The Donation Box contained money that 7-11 uses to purchase lunches for Pasco Parks and Rec kids once a week. Nocturnal Filchers are known to use money like this to line their pockets.

Nocturnal Filchers are relatively common, but Officer Jones would like to identify and locate this particular specimen. If any of you amateur birdwatchers or ornithologists know where this one nests, feel free to email Officer Jones at or call Dispatch at (509)628-0333 about case PP19-25258 Theft.


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