A suspect who's accused of stealing hundreds of railroad ties in Benton County has finally been 'tied' up.

Benton County Sheriff's Deputies reported Friday 37-year-old Timothy Dean Sain was taken into custody in Pasco, but didn't provide any more details.

Authorities had been looking for him the last few weeks, over a series of thefts of railroad ties from the East end of Bowles Road, near 45th and the intersection with South Oak Street.

From security cameras and other investigative information, Deputies were able to get a description of a U-Haul truck seen in the area a few times. It had a 'dinosaur' decoration on the side (one of those U.S. state pictorials seen on such trucks).

It was seen in the area each time just prior to the reporting of the theft. According to officials Sain allegedly took at least 350 ties. They are sought for items for landscaping and other yard projects, and a person could make some lucrative money selling them.

An online check at various stores, including Lowes.com, shows they often sell for as much as $30 apiece.  Multiply that by 350, and the value of the theft would be at least $10,500.  That high price tag could result in felony charges against Sain, depending upon what prosecutors decide to do.

It's interesting to note that Union Pacific, Burlington Northern and other railroad companies have been stepping up enforcement efforts nationwide the last few years, because of a noticeable rise in tie theft.

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