An announcement by Visit Tri-Cities yesterday that the region will host the Ironman 70.3 Washington Tri-Cities Triathlon is welcome news for hotels, restaurants and other businesses across the Mid-Columbia.

On September 22, 2024, Ironman participants will converge in Richland for a 1.2-mile swim along the Columbia River shoreline from Howard Amon Park to the Columbia Point staging area for the bicycle leg of the race.

"Imagine 2500 athletes that have 2500 very nice bikes that are going to be racked at Columbia Point Marina, they'll have a big expo there, their merchandise tent, Ironman village, that whole area will just be buzzing with Ironman vibe." Visit Tri-Cities CEO Kevin Lewis told the Richland City Council last night.

The location is surrounded by hotels and restaurants that Lewis says will appeal to the athletes and their families.

"The athletes can literally walk out of the room and go down to the swim start and do the whole event. The family can come down later to watch them when they start the swim. The family can go back to the room or go to the restaurant and get something to eat," Lewis said. "It's really a nice location because it's spectator friendly and athlete friendly."

The swim and 56-mile cycling legs will be followed by the running portion of the race where the athletes will run the river trail to WSU Tri-Cities before returning to Columbia Point for the exciting finish.

Lewis projects the event will draw about 10,000 people, bringing anywhere from 6 to 8-million dollars to the Tri-Cities economy. Such a spectacle requires a massive effort from everyone involved.

"As we've developed and worked with the cities and communities and agencies, there's been nothing but support. The city of Richland just stepped up and worked with the staff and they've been very, very helpful and pulling it together."

Visit Tri-Cities Ironman
Visit Tri-Cities Ironman

Visit-Tri Cities has secured the event for 2024, 2025 and 2026. If you wish to take part, we've set up a link here.

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