A high school librarian, a senior data analyst, and another librarian walk into a bar game show set of Jeopardy. They're trying to win a bunch of money by answering difficult trivia questions in three separate rounds. One of the questions they missed is one that I am forgiving them for not knowing the answer.

It was a $400 question about Oregon in the category, “The Ship of State”, and it stumped everybody on Jeopardy.

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In my mind, people who get on Jeopardy have super brains. These are the types of folks you want on your Trivia Night teams because they know all of these obscure facts, like schooner names.

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Before I proceed, let me ask you how familiar you are with the names of Oregon schooners?

The 1 Question About Oregon That Stumped Everybody on Jeopardy

Can you name any “famous” schooners from Oregon? Me, neither. That’s not a subject most of us would be able to answer right off the top of our minds.

Unfortunately, for the three contestants on a September 29th episode of Jeopardy, this question left them all speechless and without an answer to give:

“2 schooners called the Oregon Fir & the Oregon THIS carried lumber from the U.S. to Australia in the 1920s.”

WHAT IS: IDEK*, for $400, Alex (new hosts)?


The correct answer is “The Oregon Pine.”

Ahhh, perhaps if they'd had more than 10 seconds to think about the names of beautiful trees found in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest that were turned into lumber, at least one of the Jeopardy contestants would have guessed it correctly!

*IDEK means "I don't even know", as the kids say!

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