It's not your imagination, ATV's and UTV's will soon be street legal on the streets of Walla Walla.

It's been a long time coming and more and more towns are allowing the use of ATV's and UTV's on their streets.

I remember visiting Billings Montana years ago and was blown away by how many ATV's I saw on the road.

Walla Walla will now allow ATV's and UTV's almost everywhere in town.

A few places will be excluded like Heritage Road west of Myra Road, Lower Waitsburg Road north of U.S. Highway 12, and Mill Creek and Harbert roads east of the former Pennbrook/Illahee property

Remember, before you get too excited, your ATV's and UTV's need to be properly licensed and insured before hitting the roadways.

You also have to have headlights, taillights, blinkers, mirrors and all the general options you'd find on a regular vehicle to be street legal.

A lot of cities across the state are allowing ATV's and UTV's on their streets, even Kennewick allows ATV's on city streets if you follow the rules.

You check out more details on the ruling here and happy motoring!

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