I remember going to Billings Montana a few years ago and was surprised by how many ATV's were on their city streets. It was an unusual sight but now I see ATVs all over the place.

It seems like West Richland is following suit with legal WATV's on their streets but before you hit the road, you need to know a few things about your WATV and your responsibilities.

Beginning February 1st, West Richland will begin allowing Street Legal WATV's on the roadway.

West Richland Police remind motorists that there is still required equipment specific to WATV's.

The online municipal code will be updated soon.

WATV drivers will be required to follow all current rules of the road as well as the cities municipal code. The municipal code is under Title 10.17.

West Richland Police are reminding drivers to be responsible when driving their WATV on the roadways.

Here is a list of items required before you can drive your WATV on West Richland's streets starting on February 1st:

Roll Cage or Operator Helmet, Headlights, Horn, Windshield, Left or Center Mirror, Right Side Mirror, Amber Turn Signal, Stop Lamp, Seats and Seatbelts, Valid Licence Plate, 2 Tail Lights, Amber or Red Turn Lights, Red Reflectors and Muffler Device.

You'll also need a valid driver's license and proof of liability insurance.

If you have all those items in place, you'll be street-legal and ready to go but if you have any doubts about what is required, reach out to the West Richland Police Department.

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