Moscow Idaho Mom's TikTok Video Goes Viral After Dress Incident

A Moscow Idaho mom's TikTok video has over 5.1 million views as she called out a local fabric store employee for berating her young son for wearing a dress.

Piper Phillips who goes by @palousedressco on TikTok took issue with a Joann Fabrics employee after the employee lectured Phillips's 7-year-old son for wanting to make and wear a Spider-Man dress.

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According to Phillips in the videos, she explains that the employee went irate and wouldn't stop lecturing her son that boys shouldn't wear dresses.

Phillips 7-Year-Old Son Wanted To Make A Dress After Getting Bullied At School

A visibly upset Phillips recounts her experience in the videos and wanted to boycott the fabric store over the issue.

Joann Fabrics did respond in a press statement on the incident:

"JOANN absolutely stands for inclusivity and creativity for all, and we are proud to support our thousands of customers and Team Members who are part of the LGBTQ+ community," the statement said. "We do not tolerate discrimination, disrespect or harassment in any form and terminated the Team Member immediately upon investigation."

Joann Fabrics Issued An Apology And Fired The Employee In Question

The good news is that Phillips got a resolution to the incident but Phillips wants more to be done at the corporate level. We will see if these videos will make an impact on change for the company. As of right now, Phillips videos have over 5 million views.

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