With my kids out of the house and my busy schedule I eat most of my meals out. One of my favorite meals is a good ol' cheeseburger and I definitely have my favorite places to stop and get one, but I discovered a new spot last night!

It has been right in front of my face this entire time! Mama's Diner in Benton City sits directly across the street from where I work each day and I had no clue I was missing out on my new favorite burger!

Needing dinner after a long day, I decided to try what has been a stone throw away from me this whole time! I decided to cross the street and try the little diner to see what they have to offer and I cannot believe it took me so long to get over there! I discovered my new favorite burger!! Seems simple enough... it's a cheeseburger! This isn't your average burger though, it's simply incredible! Among all the typical burger fixins' that made it delicious I figure that the icing on that cake was the gouda cheese, the fresh bacon and the HOMEMADE fries!

I was joined by Chuck Hall, his wife Gayle and my Fiancé Eddie. Chuck had the burger also but Eddie and Gayle branched out and explored the menu a bit. They had the turkey dinner and french dip and that is when I discovered its ALL HOMEMADE and so fresh and delicious! The turkey and roast beef were both slow roasted, the mashed potatoes fresh, the gravy homemade, the vegetables fresh and local. Not only were the fries homemade but the potato was a whole potato until moments before it went into the fryer! When I hear "fresh, not frozen" I am skeptical but in this case, Mama's is about as fresh as it comes!

I cannot believe this place has been in front of my face this whole time! I am excited to try their breakfast next, ill do that right after I burn out on cheeseburgers for breakfast lunch and dinner though! Mama's is locally owned and operated and Lori (owner) takes much pride in every dish she puts out. When I spoke with her last night her passion for every dish was just over the top! Hat's off to chef Chuck also! He is one mean cook and knows his way around a kitchen!

I see my holiday 10 pounds possibly being 20 pounds this year...