As catalytic converter thefts continue to rise in the Tri-cities and Washington State in general, I thought I would look into this a little further, because I'm confused! First off, what the heck is a catalytic converter? I know how to change the oil and clean an air filter, but honestly, I've never even done one of those chores in years. No, I'm no mechanic.

After doing some reading, I see that catalytic converters are part of the exhaust system emissions. They are supposed to turn harmful pollutants into wonderful gases that are good for a green Earth. Or something like that. All I know is they reduce horsepower on your street rod! Again, I'm no mechanic so if I ever have a street rod, I will have purchased it as is lol.
So why do thieves want your catalytic converter, and how do they steal it? Apparently, some catalytic converters are bolted in. OK, a simple wrench and they're off with your catalytic converter. Others are welded in, so they saw them off. But why steal a catalytic converter in the first place? They contain precious metals like platinum. Now I don't know how you get the platinum out or who you sell it to, but that's one reason they are stolen. Thieves can also sell them to scrap yards for a couple hundred bucks. In doing my research on the catalytic converter, I ran across the video below which will show you when way to help prevent the theft of yours


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