While I was walking along the river path in Pasco, I passed by a lady walking her dogs – all 3 of them – and it got me thinking, how many dogs can one own?  Well, it turns out in the city of Pasco you can own up to 3 dogs. Four or more will require you to apply for and receive a commercial kennel license.

The city of Kennewick municipal code allows up to 3 dogs as well. Actually, up to 3 of any one kind of animal and a combined 6 total animals within city limits. So, you could own 3 dogs and 3 chickens but not 6 dogs. If dogs are under 10 weeks – a new litter – there is an exception until they all find new homes or a person acquires a permit to have more than 3 dogs.

Richland is a little more liberal with pet ownership, allowing up to 5 household pets. Which I’m assuming means you could have up to 5 dogs. That's a lot of food...and poop!

We have one dog, a Decker Terrier (pictured), and she’s a handful (and a digger). Maybe she needs a buddy or two.

If you have questions about dog ownership and your responsibilities as a dog owner in the city limits, go to your city's website and look up animal control. Some city ordinances are simple and relaxed, others are full of do's and don't's for any kind of situation. Don't forget your poop bags - don't be that owner who leaves a dog poop on the bike path and gives us dog owners a bad name.

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