I hope you ALL had a fabulous Easter weekend and got to spend it with people you love!

My gal pals, Lorri, Nadia and I decided to ride on one of the days out at Juniper Dunes! It's a beautiful area that is out toward Kahlotus. It's very sandy and the horses love it cause they can run in the soft sand and it's wide open!

Well, soft sand it was!  While pulling my big goose neck trailer, without 4-wheel drive. We got stuck!  Not once, but TWICE!!

Embarrassing YES! But, luckily the nicest people in the world just happened to be there and pulled me out!  I'm always so lucky that way. I feel very fortunate and blessed!

I guess my heavy horse trailer and horse were just too much for the deep sand. Anyway, the people were so wonderful I had to document my heroes!

So I took some video's of the valiant rescue!  I also took  some clips from the trail etc.  They're all below.

If you've never been to Juniper and your a horse rider, You will love it! However, it has a wicked gravel road that is NOT fun! But once you get through that....You'll love it!

Lots of people ride their dirt bikes and A TV's out there! and surprisingly, the horses get used to all that pretty quick and it doesn't seem to bother them at all!

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