K9 Chief of the Moses Lake Police Department is enjoying a well deserved rib eye steak after he broke up a scuffle that resulted in three suspects getting arrested for assaulting several police officers.

Chief is enjoying a big ole steak for his efforts and the Moses Lake Police Department on their Facebook page describe the incident that lead to the arrest of the three assailants.

Two MLPD officers were assaulted early Saturday morning when a traffic stop turned into a brawl. It started with officers being dispatched to a downtown bar. As officers were arriving, a vehicle took off out of the parking lot at a high rate of speed, driven recklessly. Witnesses said the occupants of the vehicle were involved in the disturbance. The vehicle was driven by Alejandro Sarraraz, 21, of Moses Lake.

K9 Officer Stewart caught up with the vehicle as it pulled up in front of a residence on Ivy Street. Sarraraz exited the car and tried to get into the house.

Sarraraz resisted arrest, and as Ofc. Stewart was dealing with him, a number of people exited the house and began trying to interfere with the arrest. Ofc. Hohman arrived, and as he was attempting to hold back the crowd, he was charged by Robert Reasonable, 18. As Ofc. Hohman and Sgt. McCain took Reasonable to the ground, Miguel Perez, 28, snuck up behind Hohman and sucker-punched him in the back of the head.

Seeing that Hohman and McCain were exposed and outnumbered, Ofc. Stewart released Sarraraz to assist the other officers. Sarraraz then showed his character by striking Ofc. Stewart in the back with a full beer and running away.

When Perez again moved toward Ofc. Hohman, who was still on the ground with Reasonable, Ofc. Stewart remotely released K9 Chief (AKA the Force Multiplier) from his vehicle. K9 Chief, who had been watching the fight with great interest from the back of Ofc. Stewart’s car, was already locked in on Perez and bit him in the abdomen, ending Perez’ efforts to intervene. After the K9 deployment, the rest of the group lost their desire to engage the officers, and the situation was defused.

Perez and Reasonable were booked into the Grant County Jail on felony charges of Assault 3rd degree and obstruction.

Sarraraz did not run nearly far enough, and was taken into custody shortly after 0600 Saturday morning at a nearby gas station. He was booked into the jail on felony charges of Assault 2nd degree and obstruction.

Perez was treated at the scene for the K9 bite. Two officers had bumps and bruises, but nothing that required treatment.

Kudos to K9 Chief, that is well deserved and Officer Chief was unavailable for comment as his jaw was full of steak - good boy!

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