My wife found this old window at a garage sale in Richland and was thrilled about it all the way home. I asked what she wanted to do with it and all I could get out of her was, "I don't know yet." I mentioned to her that we have no broken windows at home and even if we did, that old piece of junk surely wouldn't fit. Then she said that once it's painted, she would need help hanging it. I may have tuned her out a little at that point because my man-brain was unable to process this information. I thought she said she wanted to "hang" it...hahahaha.

After a quick trip to the store for just the right paint, she is ready to bring new life to this old window. The original paint was worn in several places, after all. Once it was finished, I was impressed at how new it actually looked. "I'm not done yet," said as she reached for the sandpaper. I told her that if she wanted it sanded, she should've done that first. She said she was going to age it and make it look old and worn. I said, "Like it was when you bought it?" I should've kept my mouth shut, but my man-brain started to overload again.

Once her finished product was hung and decorated with care, I thought how silly it was to be able to look out a window and see...our wall. But I didn't say anything.


Is the reason women love hanging old windows on walls because it's like looking into a simpler time? No. Is the reason deeper than that? Nope.

It dawned on me that guys do a hundred times more stupid things than girls. Things that women just can't understand. Like watching movies we love over and over. Buying a new pocket knife that we don't need and will carry maybe twice (but it's cool looking). But these things make us happy, just like the farmhouse-style window on a friggen wall. It makes her happy. And that is, after all, my goal in life.

Below is part of my pocket knife addiction. I mean collection.


8 Cool Knives Every man Wants


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