It's that scary time of year and nothing is scarier on these cold Tri-Cities nights than sitting down and watching a scary movie. You could watch the classics or the newest Blumhouse production but why not settle in for something a little more local?

There are five horror movies that were filmed in the Pacific Northwest that you might've not seen or heard about that might be worth checking out this weekend.

The first movie on our list might be the most famous movie of the bunch and that's the movie The Ring.

The Ring was released in 2002 and it heavily features Seattle as the backdrop of this supernatural thriller. The producers picked Seattle for its wet and isolated atmosphere according to an article in Wikipedia.

Our number two movie on our list is the newest thriller and it's called The Rental. It was filmed and released in 2020. It's a super-creepy thriller that was directed by Dave Franco, the brother of James Franco. The movie was shot and filmed in Bandon and Portland Oregon.

Our number three movie scared me when I saw it in theatres back in 1992. It was filmed in Issaquah, Seattle, and Tacoma. It's The Hand That Rocks The Cradle and starred a young Rebecca De Mornay as a psychotic nanny that seeks revenge on a family. You can easily see the filming locations on Google Street View, Mott's residence at 2502 37th Ave W in Seattle; and the Bartels' residence at 808 N. Yakima Ave in Tacoma Washington.

Our number four on the list is considered a classic and that's Stand By Me. It's based on a Stephen King short story called The Body and this 1985 film went to garner several Academy Award Nominations. It's starred kid actors like Wil Wheaton, River Phoenix, Corey Feldman and Jerry O'Connell and involved the summer of 1959 and a dead kid. It was directed by Rob Reiner and is still considered a must-see movie even after all these years.

Our fifth and final scary movie filmed in the Pacific Northwest is Harry and The Hendersons. I know, it's NOT scary but the family and the kids will love this 1987 fantasy movie about a sasquatch who encounters a family in Seattle and hilarity ensues. It's actually a very sweet movie and the kids will love it. It starred John Lithgow of "Third Rock From The Sun" fame. It would be a great way to wrap up watching the other movies on our list. It's Seattle filming location makes it another fun movie to see.

Halloween is next week so if you are looking for a few scary movies to check out, why not check out the movies above for a good night of viewing and entertainment but don't forget to lock the doors!

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