Hypnotist Brian Weed joined "Big Bear and Faith"  in studio this morning to talk about the Fundraising event scheduled for tomorrow evening.

The event is to raise money for Abigale Hamlin who is currently in Seattle Children's Hospital.  She was recently diagnosed with Lukemia.  Treatment is expected to take 5-6 months. Her family is there with her.

Kord listener"Andrea" volunteered  to be hynotized on air as a demonstration.

Notice she blurts out perfuse gratitude to Faith everytime she hears the word "fundraiser"  And, when she hears "KORD" she is compelled to say "Continuous Country Favorites" and "Big Bear and Faith Rock!"

She also was trying to quit drinking pop, so Brian suggested that when she took her second sip of pop that it would taste awful and she would never want to drink pop again!

You can see more Hynotic Fun from Brian Weed at Riverveiw High School starting at 6pm Friday. Admission charge is $10 and there will also be a silent auction as well.

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