Have you ever tried Knockerball? Are you an expert Knockerballer? There is a great family event for adults and kids this Saturday going on and you don't want miss it. Families will have a blast participating in Knockerball.

Knockerball is for everyone and you'll also be helping out a great cause. There's a fun Knockerball Event at d’s Wicked Cider this Saturday as a fundraiser for Wake up Nation Foundation.
The Wake Up Nation Foundation provides money and resources to help support kids in the community who can’t otherwise afford to attend youth camps, church camps, sports camps and many other events.
The event is tomorrow, Saturday from 5-7:30 PM and there will also be raffle prizes as well as other prizes to be won. Families will love this event so check it out. Cost is $10 per child or $8 with 3 or more kids.
You can more details on the Wake Up Nation Foundation here

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