Camas, WA: Some people have to deal with crazy exes who will trash your car, but for 30 year-old Emily Javier and 29 year-old Alex Lovell, this was NOT the case. Javier suspected that her boyfriend Lovell was cheating. She found plenty of evidence too: scratch marks on Lovell's back, red hair in the shower (her hair was green), and his Tinder profile.

Javier hatched a plan, but she followed through when Lovell came home "without even acknowledging her" on March 3rd. After Lovell fell asleep at about 2 in the morning, Javier pulled out a hidden samurai sword and attacked her boyfriend. After believing to have killed him, she called the police on HERSELF. Luckily, police found Lovell still alive with blood on the walls and bed, and was soon taken to immediate help. Javier was arrested and booked in the Clark County jail on first-degree attempted murder charges.

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