If you're a Costco shopper you probably already know about the best deal offered at the food court.

It's the $1.50 hot dog and soda special. And with inflation hitting all-time highs on items, Costco has promised to keep the deal at the same price since it was introduced to its food courts in 1985.

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it's valued at over $4. The quarter-pound all-beef hot dog is partnered with a 20 oz. soda. (with refill)

How are they able to keep the price at $1.50?

Costco switched from using Hebrew National hot dogs in favor of building a plant to produce their own Kirkland Signature weiners. Sauerkraut is no longer offered as a condiment.

Many people feed their families at Costco's Food Court.

With the hot dog deal, how can you not? Costco is also keeping the whole cheese pizza at its current price of $9.99. Costco also has an affordable ice cream option for dessert.

Let's be real, though. For all the money we drop at Costco, it's only appropriate that we're able to feed ourselves and the family. It's also great to take advantage of lower-than-average gas prices for the area.

Oh! And the real bonus of this post...toilet paper.

attachment-bATH tISSUE

I'm not sure if this is a fact, however, I did recently read that toilet paper is Costco's biggest seller. That's where I purchase mine.

Costco higher-ups advise enjoying the hot dog deal, "while it lasts."

You can read more from Foodandwine.com, here.

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