We're wondering if he will volunteer to drive the first prototype?

Following the lead of a California program that started in part with Google a few years ago, now WA Governor Jay Inslee has officially signed an Executive Order that will create an autonomous driver car program (driver less cars). The order will create an inter-agency work group to focus on the idea.

A company called Echodyne, a radar technology startup firm in Bellevue, WA is apparently working on the technology to help guide cars that would drive themselves.

According to information released by the Governor's office, self-driving cars would save lives, reduce carbon emissions and create jobs. Echodyne will work with government officials to ensure such vehicles will be safe to maneuver in and around Washington state roads.

While Google and others have made big strides in self-driving cars, based upon the driving habits and behaviors of West-side drivers, ensuring these vehicles are safe will be a tall order. Inslee says Washington state is already a leader in autonomous vehicle technology.

According to KIRO 7 TV, at least 20 such technology companies already have a presence in our state.

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