Art Selfie, the museum selfie match feature in Google's Arts & Culture app, is now available globally. The feature essentially allows users to find their "selfie doppelganger" by matching their selfies to objects in the Arts & Culture app's database.

Google, in a blog post, stated that the aim of making Art Selfie available globally is to "make art more accessible to everyone." It has also doubled the number of artworks previously available.

A Google Arts & Culture spokesman said, "You can be matched with tens of thousands of portraits - sometimes with surprising results like the example of a woman in St Louis, whose selfie was matched with a portrait of her great-grandmother, Emma."

The Art Selfie feature by Google is powered by computer vision technology based on machine learning. When you take a selfie, the image is compared with faces in artworks that Google's museum partners have provided. You will get to see the results alongside a percentage to estimate the visual similarity of each match and your face. You can then choose to discover more details about specific art pieces and artists.

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