The FDA just released a warning that "eating, drinking, or handling food products prepared by adding liquid nitrogen at the point of sale, immediately before consumption" has the potential of serious injury.

The warning was released August 30th on the FDA main website. Liquid Nitrogen is non-toxic but can cause bad burns to skin and tissue because of its very low temperature.

Liquid nitrogen holds a temperature between -320 & -346 degrees. If ingested, it can cause extreme damage to organs and internal tissue of your body.

The FDA has had reports of severe and life threatening injuries from people ingesting foods prepared with liquid nitrogen. The FDA also warns that it can cause difficulty breathing if the vapors are breathed into the lungs.

Products of this kind are becoming very popular, especially with young people. Names of known products include "Dragon's Breath", "Heaven's Breath", or "nitro puffs".

The FDA warns to just stay clear of trying these products and that it is "It's not something you want to do", according to reports.

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