Sometimes to avoid traffic on Duportail Street in Richland, I'll keep going to the end of Queensgate and turn left on Truman Avenue. At that point, Regency Park Apartments are on my left and a beautiful vineyard/orchard is on my right. Well, at least it used to be beautiful.

Seemingly overnight, hundreds of giant piles of mulch have suddenly replaced this beautiful orchard. Every vine and tree limb has been shredded into oblivion.

I guess it was time to retire from the fruit business and they sold the property. More than likely, more apartments or single-family homes will soon be filling that area, making the Queensgate- Duportail traffic just a little bit thicker than it is now.

The Tri-Cities is growing like crazy, second only to Austin, TX as fastest growing in the nation, I read somewhere.

Glancing at the above photo again, I am reminded that I need some mulch for my flower beds. I suppose sneaking some from one of these piles is "not allowed" or "a bad idea" or "stealing."

Off to Lowe's or Home Depot it is, then.

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