It's a national scam, but the Walla Walla County Sheriff's Department has issued a warning, because they've gotten a "high" number of complaints from citizens.

The United States Postal Service has issued an alert from the Inspector General that this new fraud is spreading. It involves getting an email, allegedly from USPS, about an important package they're trying to deliver but have not been able to.

Other emails say the package delivery involves the recipient owing postal fees. According to the Inspector General, clicking on or opening the link will release malicious virus that will install itself on the victim's computer, phone or tablet and allow the fraudsters to steal personal information.

I have even received two of these emails. Fortunately, they were in my junk, or 'other' folder, but they contained the same 'header' as ones already reported. USPS was having difficulty delivering an important package to me.

I did what the Postmaster General said to do, delete.  They also said however, if you wish, copy-screenshot the email so it can clearly be seen, and report to your local authorities. But don't open it, or especially, DO NOT click on the link.

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