We've reported this week House Democrats in Olympia have released their $27 billion dollar transportation package and are already meeting stiff resistance from Republicans--especially in light of the COVID ravaged state economy.

Battered by Inslee's lockdowns and business closings, opponents say the $.18 cent per gallon gax tax increase would hurt struggling families and businesses. It would give us the highest state gas tax in the U.S.

However, not as widely publicized has been the additional low carbon fuel standard that would accompany this measure. Gov. Inslee has pushed for a California style low carbon fuel standard; it would require even more emissions controls and lower 'harmful' pollutants from fuel. In turn, these low carbon fuels drive up the price of gas because they cost more to refine.

According to House Republicans, this additional fuel standard-carbon tax would raise the price of gas by another $.57 cents per gallon. Combine that with the $.18 gas tax, and drivers would see a jump of $.75 cents by 2022.

GOP Legislators say businesses, especially smaller ones, and citizens, cannot weather such a boost, especially since the economy is still trying to recover from Inslee's COVID shutdowns. Officials say the low carbon fuel standard has already cleared the committee level by Democrats, and it's likely headed to the House floor soon for a vote.

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