A fraud scheme that appears to have started in Spokane has spread to Tri-Cities.  Kennewick police responded to several reports of a man selling stereo equipment out of the back of a his vehicle.

Police were called to 19th and Union in Kennewick by a report of a suspicious looking selling operation. The caller said the man was in a 2003 black Cadillac Escalade, but by the time they arrived he had packed up and left.

Police say based upon reports from Spokane and Kennewick, the man tells people he got permission from his boss, who runs a stereo install store, to sell leftover equipment. The boxes appear to be in order, and unopened. The man also produces what appears to be a legitimate looking invoice.

But later, when the victims open the boxes and test the equipment or try to install it, it turns out it's junk. They don't work, and the speakers and other equipment were 'dressed up' to look new.  Police remind citizens that in most cities, including Kennewick, ANYONE doing business MUST have a city vendors or business license.

IF you come across any such vendors, regardless of their selling, ask them to display their official city license, and feel free to call the city to verify before purchasing. Spokane police one of their victims was a disabled veteran who ended up losing a lot of money.

If anyone sees the afore-mentioned Escalade being used to sell such equipment, call (509)-628-0333 immediately. All leads can be confidential.

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