I will admit I got caught up in the reality TV shows about people bidding on storage units, and recently my boss and I have bid on and won some storage units. It is exciting to think someone has left a long lost treasure like a jukebox or hidden cash in an old safe behind, but don't get your hopes up. Even the experts will tell you for every big cash item, it takes about 20 units of crap to cash in. I think the hardest part about going through somebody else's stuff, are the old photo's, the kids artwork or something that looks worthless to you, but you know at one time it meant something to someone else. In fact, this last shed had allot of personnel items which I tried to save as much as possible and hopefully reunite with the owners. If you bid on a storage shed, be prepared to have an outlet to take the smaller items, or a place to store them for that future yard sale. You may have allot of trash (old beds,trash etc.) and you will have to dispose of it, that can cost you some money as well. I'm not trying to discourage you from bidding on a storage unit, just be prepared, it's not like you see on the TV shows. Most facilities won't advertise a sale, my suggestion is to call around and enquire about any such sale that might be taking place. I look at it as a form of gambling, baby needs shoes, but just may get a broken TV set instead. Everyone has a story, and a storage shed, if you look hard enough will tell you what was going in that persons, or families life at the time. Kinda sad we take pleasure in this kind of stuff. Good luck hunters.

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