It's icy and dicy out there and if you're not paying attention, you could end up in the ditch or even worse, come face to face with a snowplow.

It doesn't matter how big your truck is, you aren't going to win a battle with a snowplow.

Franklin County Sheriff's Department posted a picture of a truck after crashing into a snowplow after it lost control and slammed into the plow.

Roads are still icy so Franklin County Sheriff's Department is warning drivers to slow down. The accident was caused by speed and slick roads according to the Facebook posting.

Paying attention to the roads is a big deal. I once had a friend who slammed into the back of an Idaho State Trooper's patrol car on his bicycle. He ended up going to the hospital but he wasn't watching where he was going and over the top of the cruiser he went.

Weather forecasters are saying we've got another storm moving in on Thursday which will make for another round of icy roadways. I'd take Franklin County Sheriff's advice and slow it down a bit when the snow starts flying again.

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