Atlanta Falcons safety Thomas DeCoud is clearly a fan of the movie 'Super Troopers.' In the cult comedy, one of the chemically-altered cops wins a bet by managing to say the word "meow" ten times while writing up a motorist for a moving violation.

During an interview with ESPN, DeCould tops that by meowing 14 times. SportsCenter anchor Bram Weinstein either has no idea what is going on or is the best straight-man ever.

The fun starts at 41 seconds in and DeCoud's last purr drops at the 4:19 mark.

After the segment aired, DeCoud acknowledged the prank on Twitter. "Thanks for all the meow love, " he Tweeted. "I hoped I did it well enough for it to be subtle but funny."

We would say that he did. Thanks to Decoud, not only are the Atlanta Falcons undefeated but they lead the league in awesomely executed cat-themed pranks.