I did this to my Mom last year but it was such a fun prank I think it needs to be recycled again this year, especially considering what a crazy year it has been.

Here is the simple and harmless prank to play on your Mother this year for Thanksgiving....

Simply send her a text message saying "hey Mom how long should I cook this 12 pound turkey in the microwave oven for?" I did it last year and her initial response was "Oh dear, I am not sure hun." I prompted her further and she suggested I might want to "google it, and that she had never cooked one in the microwave before." My Mom is so sweet and didn't want to hurt my feelings but yet she also never tried to stop me from popping that big old fat bird in the nuker!

Send your Mom this message and then share her response with us on Facebook, we look forward to seeing her instructions! Who knows, maybe someone can pull it off and I will have a easy peasy clean up this year!






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