An active GPS Unit provided the break police were looking for during an investigation into a number of Kennewick car prowls. What it led them to was shocking.

Police were working on several car break-ins along Canal Drive in Kennewick not far from Hawthorne Elementary. In one of the thefts, a GPS unit was stolen from a vehicle.

Tuesday, after getting details from the car owners, police were able to discover the thieves had turned ON the unit!  It led officers to a vacant lot behind some homes in the 900 Block of West Canal Drive.

In the field, they found an underground, partially hidden living den, if you can call it that. Officers arrested 47-year-old Deyonna F. Senn, 46-year-old Eldon P. Cooper and 28-year-old Randy D. Kidder at the underground site.

Underground den in Kennewick by Canal and railroad tracks (Kennewick police)
Underground den in Kennewick by Canal and railroad tracks (Kennewick police)

A search of the 'bungalo' turned up numerous other stolen items that were apparently taken from the car prowls. They're in the Benton County Jail, the property is being returned, and the illegal campsite near the railroad tracks will be filled in and demolished.

It is not known if they dug it themselves, or if they simply added on to an already existing hole. But it's obvious they went to great lengths to secure the tarp roof and provide a little camouflague.

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