You may have heard me talk on the radio a couple weeks ago.. about seeing an audition in The Tri-City Herald for small parts in a movie being filmed in Toppenish. The movie is titled Cement Suitcase.  I thought it might be fun to go and try-out!

Stacy Lee of our sister station 98.3 The Key, along with Big Jim, also tried out. We all drove down together and had a great time!

The auditions were being held at  Picazo Photo Studio in Toppenish.

We are still waiting to hear whether Jim is in or not but we heard today that both Stacy and I got a part. She will play "Nora" (General Wife Material 40's)  and I will play "The Blonde Lady who gets wowed by Wine Salesmen" mid 30's to early 40's)

We are all crossing our fingers  that Jim will get  "Mr. Carpenter"-  General husband material 40's role.

We begin filming in a couple weeks I think. I hope it will be fun!

I asked if I had to dye my hair all blonde and they said no. They've changed the part from blonde lady to "Brunette Lady" after seeing me. So...Does that mean I can pull-off acting "Blonde" even being Brunette! Too funny!

Well,  I will keep you posted as I find out more! In the meantime..

I'll be in my trailer! ;)