Convenience store or other armed robberies are sadly not that uncommon. But at a car wash?

Toppenish police and other authorities are still seeking four suspects who tried to arm two other men at a car wash late last week. They're turning to the public for help.

Bucks Carwash at 107 Washington Ave. in Toppenish is where two men who were sitting in their respective vehicles, were robbed at gun point. The suspects, flashing handguns like the one in the picture, forced them to give up their wallets and cellphones.

One suspect tried to open one of the victim's doors, but the man inside slammed suspects arm against the vehicle. The gun went off with a bullet striking the car.  The suspects fled in  a black 2001 Chevy Impala, WA License SMU1990.

Anyone in the valley who sees this vehicle is urged to call Crimestoppers at 800-248-9980. All leads can be confidential. Fortunately, neither of the victims were hurt. It is not known if the suspects targeted the men or if it was a crime of opportunity-random.

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