First off, I know the pic is not a Cuban...but for some odd reason, I've been craving a Cuban sandwich. The funny part is....I've never had one! But I see pics online or I'll see one in a movie or TV show (Dexter mentions it's his favorite) and I think they look really good. So we asked on our station Facebook page where the best Cuban in the Tri might be, and here's what you said:

Ashley: Vinnys bakery in Pasco. They were on diners drive ins and dives

Bill: Havana Cafe, outside Tri Cities is Cheesecake Factory!

Kara: Havana Cafe for sure

Ricky: Jose’s taco truck in West Richland

Teresa: Havana Cafe is the only Cuban place in the TCs.

Dakota: Havana cafe or Vinnys in Pasco

Jenna: Havana Cafe!

Greg: Mcdonalds. (that one made me chuckle)

Todd: Havana café, this shouldn’t even be a question

Tommy & Alexis: Magills Pasco

Whitney: Magills Pasco

There you have the first to respond....I can tell you this, Friday after work, I GONNA BE EATING A CUBAN SANDWICH!!!

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